I’m a father, a husband, a friend, a geek, a photographer

My mission is to make real, meaningful, unique images for my clients

This picture was taken from an iphone, indoor/low light and my, extended one hand, was a bit shaky, yet it’s one of my favorite. It represented our unique family at that certain moment … it represented who we are … un-filtered, un-edited. I hope to make beautiful image like this for you, your family and your friends


Some personal preferences:
people over material; tea over coffee; chicken wings over fancy steak; 9mm over .45 ACP; and certainly paper prints over digital negatives

Quotes on my mind:
Knowledge + ACTION = real power
Get up, dress up and show up no matter what
Change your self …before the world

I use Canon & Fuji cameras, Dell computers, Apple monitors … so no preference on brand.
Whatever get things done!

Some beloved personal images currently

View from the church’s cry room
h2himagery houston wedding blessed church

Birth of our 2nd baby girl
h2himagery photography by luke personal work-1-3

Stormy in America
h2himagery photography by luke personal work-1